Riyyo Energy

We are an independent oil trading
and shipping company

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To be a reliable supplier and trusted partner in East Africa.


To be a dynamic multinational firm moving energy efficiently which serves value and integrity to our stakeholders



We engage in long term supply or off take agreements with various counterparts in the industry to fulfil our trading aspiration.

Manage Price Volatility

We understand that our commodity prices can be extremely volatile hence we have a dedicated team on board to manage it.

Lease and Operate Terminals

Essentially we take oil storage facilities to serve the need of breaking or building bulk, blending, and future trading to serve our supply obligations.

Freight Trading

A dedicated experienced tanker - chartering team manages and charter's tankers on bareboat, time and voyage charter for our trade barrels as well as others.


Our work is both guided and informed by our beliefs and commitments to


We are an independent firm that trades a commodity


We strive for excellence and continuous improvement in our operations and services


We are committed to a culture of openness with collaboration and teamwork


We act with honesty and integrity in all that we do


We treat all employees and supply chain members with respect


We strive to help the communities where we work and live


We seek to minimize our environmental impacts throughout the supply chain


We embrace all forms of diversity

We supply primarily niche markets and work with fuel marketing companies, airline companies, power generation plants, shipping companies and other business end users.

We focus on all members of the supply chain to the end users such as using
best in class logistics whether it’s a ship, barge, pipeline or truck to move oil
efficiently and effectively.